27 Years of Construction
Excellence 1992-2019


Residential and Commercial building
in Clay County, North Carolina and
surrounding areas.


Unlimited NC General Contracting License
Unlimited GA General Contracting License

Chris Cotton, Owner of Cotton Builders, Inc.

Chris relocated with his parents and siblings to Clay County in 1988 and immediately became integrated into the community and began attending high school.  Chris has many fond memories of growing up in the community around Hayesville, NC.  Here he learned the values of honesty, hard work and love of family.  

After graduating from Hayesville High School he wasted no time getting into the construction business.  At the age of seventeen, with property deeded from his uncle, a co-signed construction loan and qualified workers he constructed his first spec house.  He sold it rather quickly and then built his second spec house, selling it quickly as well.  From this quick start, Chris has never slowed down and now is the major residential and commercial builder in the area.

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to both residential and commercial building design and construction. He has strengths in all aspects of new construction, especially in the early cost estimation and planning process.

Chris is a member of Clay and Towns County Chamber of Commerce, a member of Nantahala Bank and Trust Advisory Board and a National Association of Home Builders [NAHB] member.

Chris has two wonderful children, Holden and Jace.   He is very active in supporting them in school events, baseball, soccer, basketball, hunting and fishing.  

Chris looks forward to meeting you and helping you make every aspect of your new home building experience enjoyable and your dream of a new home in the mountains a reality.